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Package Changelog

v. 0.0.14

- First beta release

v. 0.0.15

- Moved callback into a class function to make it possible for extending class to override the execute() function

v 0.0.16

- Added comments
- Added some verbose output
- Possible to use cookies over several requests (keeping a server session)
- TestPostForm now works as supposed

v 0.0.17

- Added comments
- Now following redirects
- Fixed bug, callback function did not run on request error
- Fixed bug, not possible to use the same cookies for several tests

v 0.0.18

- Extension of test files changed from .dokimon to .djs
- minor bug fixes

v 0.0.19

- Messages about failing tests is now sent to console.error
- Added some coloring of messages

v 0.1.0

- New feature: tests can now be dependent on each other

v 0.1.3

- Some minor bugs fixed

v 0.1.4

- Now possible to define a base path to run the tests against