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Package that provides you with a method that describes the time between `time.Now()` and a given time
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This package provides you with a method that describes the time between time.Now() and a given time. It's an alternative package to justincampbell/timeago.

Dialogs describing the time difference

↓ Formatted date (eg. Mon Jan 2 2015)
↓ Yesterday hh:mm 
↓ Today hh:mm
↓ About %s minutes ago 
↓ About one minute ago 
↓ About %s seconds ago
↓ Recently
- Now
↑ Soon
↑ In about %s seconds
↑ In about one minute
↑ In about %s minutes
↑ Today hh:mm
↑ Tomorrow hh:mm
↑ Formatted date (eg. Mon Jan 2 2021)


func Format(time time.Time, dialogs timeagoo.language.Dialogs) string

package main

import (


func formatWhenIncidentOccurred(i Incident) {    
    return timeagoo.Format(i.time, timeagoo.EnglishDialogs{})

Multilingual support

The package comes with an English translation of all dialogs. You can use another language by implementing the Dialogs interface.

import "time"

type swedishDialogs struct {

func (swedishDialogs) Recently() string {
    return "Nyligen";

func FormatTimeagoo(t time.Time) string {
    return timeagoo.Format(t, swedishDialogs{})
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