A collection of Eclipse projects containing examples for Android development.
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This repository consists of Android Code Examples (in the form of Eclipse projects).

To use them, you need to have the following:
 - Eclipse Galileo or newer versions
 - Android SDK (latest, see further instructions below)
 - Java JDK, preferably 1.6 or above.

Installing Android SDK
    First, grab the SDK by downloading it over at:
    Next, follow the instructions at:
    to install the ADT (Android Development Toolkit) plugin for Eclipse and 
    installing additional packages (see Step 4 at the SDK Installation guide).
    For the Android Repository, you need to install all of them except for the 
    Documentation / Samples.
    Install Google Inc. add ons for Third Party add ons as well.
Creating a AVD (Android Virtual Device)
    Follow the instructions at:
    The AVD is a virtual Android device that runs on your computer, allowing you to debug 
    and experiment with your Android program.
You are now ready to open the Eclipse projects and explore the example projects.
You may notice the lack of any documentation or whatsoever for them - I am adding them 
over time. Do check back later if you require a much more detailed example project. 

The adventurous should start with the HelloWorld app, followed by the ContactManager app.