Warning icon does not show up correctly on OS X #41

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The warning icon that is supposed to show up in the gutter is shown as corrupted bitmap:

screen shot 2013-09-16 at 22 35 28

Note: the ST console shows the following message:
Unable to decode Packages//Users/luc/Dropbox/Sync/Sublime Text 3/Packages/JSHint Gutter/warning.png

This is using ST3 (build 3047) under OS X 10.8.5.


How did you install this plugin? Is the warning.png file actually present there?


FWIW, it works for me in ST3 build 3047.


I have the same issue. @lucsky and me have the settings sync with dropbox. The issue is in line 121 where it says:

packageName = PLUGIN_FOLDER.replace(sublime.packages_path(), "")

if I print packageName I get "/Users/xxxxxxx/Dropbox/sublime-settings/Packages/JSHint Gutter", the dropbox folder where I have my synced settings.


I wish Sublime Text would offer a nicer API for setting gutter images :(


I'm having the same issue in ST3, except it's simply a black triangle (unless that's intended.)


My issue is the same as envygeeks. I just get a black triangle. I verified the image is there and it is not corrupt.
I am running ST3, OSX 10.8.5 (Mountain Lion)


Having the same issue now for Sublime Text 2 in Windows 7, it worked fine until now but a few days ago the bug magically appeared..



I wonder if this commit broke it: 63b794d

@Miw0 can you revert it and see if it makes any difference?


Seeing this as well on ST2 on Mavericks


Found it - Sublime Text 2: line 142 of JSHint.py is missing a path separator between the '..' and packageName, so

icon = ".." + packageName + "/warning"

should be

icon = ".." + os.path.sep + packageName + "/warning"

The above solution worked for me! Thanks!
ST2 (2221) on Mavericks

@bcomnes bcomnes added a commit to bcomnes/Sublime-JSHint that referenced this issue Dec 19, 2013
@bcomnes bcomnes Added os.path.sep to warning icon path
This should fix victorporof#41

@dohpaz42 That fixed it for me to. Made a PR from it.

@victorporof victorporof closed this in #57 Dec 27, 2013
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