Requested features

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Stuff you'd love to see in Tilt

  • perhaps a zoom control that isolates a dom node and its children only
  • would be nice if you could turn nodes on or off, to see how they affect the page OR
  • when the element is highlighted, make it detached (elements below or above it would move farther way from it, letting it shine)
  • Adobe Flash Player animation doesn't appear. Youtube is fine, but the .swf files...

Wacky ideas

  • using a joystick API for JS to control the visualization
  • write a COLLADA to DOM importer/exporter!
  • using head tracking from a webcam to modify the perspective on a webpage: by Filip Zembowicz
  • create some DOM art, so that it looks amazing in Tilt
  • when we have live updates, we might even create Tilt movies!
  • expose/ spaces/ mission control/ speed dial? that would be awesome!
  • audio rendering?
  • a haptic map device so that we can feel the page in 3D
  • the back of the webpage itself should, instead of a mirror image, display the entire source code