A script in python to organize your images by similarity.
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A python script to organize your images by similarity.

It uses a k-means algorithm to separatem them in clusters.

Watch it working below.


Why ?

It was about one year since I made the switch from Windows to Linux, and I wanted to get better at the terminal. I always thought it was cool to master it. To make a long story short, one day I did mount a linux image on my external backup drive instead of the pen drive. Some basic /dev/sd* confusion. Anyway's, I overwrited all my photos; so I used Foremost (which is a great tool) to recover them. It recovered 350.000 images; miniatures, textures, profile pictures, wallpapers... and among all that my personal photos. So I wrote a little script to divide the images in folders, 1000 images per folder, if I'm not mistaken. I went through all the folders separating my photos from the random images that weren't important. To end the story, I came up with this script to "cluster" the photos by similiraty and makes things a little easier for me.

How to use

Navigate to the folder you want. CLI - Command Line Interface or GUI - Graphic User Interface

Install the requirements.txt

pip install -r requirements.txt


Call the script passing the image folder you want to organize.

python groupimg.py -f /home/user/Pictures/


-f folder where your images are (use absolute path). groupimg -f /home/user/Pictures

-k number of folders you want to separate your images. groupimg -f /home/user/Pictures -k 5

-m if you want to move your images instead of just copy them.

-s if you want the algorithm to consider the size of the images as a feature.



Just call the groupImgGUI.py file.

python groupImgGUI.py

Click the button Select folder to select the folder with the pictures you want to organize.

You can adjust the settings by checking the settings box.

N. Group - How many groups should the images be separated in.

Resample - Size to resample the image before comparing (small sizes gives fast results).

Move - Move the images instead of copy them (useful if you have low space on your hard drive).

Size - Consider the size of the images to organize them (useful if you want to separate thumbnails from real pictures).