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Hugo theme designed to be utilized as a personal homepage.


Before writing this theme, I searched long and hard for a theme that would essentially serve 2 purposes. On the homepage, it would act like a portfolio page, highlighting things that I've done, but it would also serve deeper content like blog posts and other miscellaneous tidbits.

Finding nothing that fit this bill to my satisfaction, I created Sobriquet.

The name Sobriquet came as I was brainstorming names and found it both distinct and appropriate for this use as I view my personal website as a kind of virtual nickname for my person.

Please feel free to use and/or fork this theme as your own!

Victor Quinn


We'll go over each in more detail below, but all of these configurations are intended to be in your Hugo config file and will be assumed to be under the params header (so that'll be omitted below).

Here is a full sample config.toml which we'll disect below:

    author = "Victor Quinn"
    profile = "VictorQuinn.png"
    segment = "abcd1234"


Since Sobriquet is intended for use as a Personal website theme, there are some personal specific configurations that aren't present on most more generic blog themes.


Some personal items include your name, headline, summary, and more. These are displayed by default on the sidebar.

    author = "Victor Quinn"
    headline = "Leader of Engineers."
    summary = "Specializing in leading software engineers to build scalable backends."


If you're not shy and have a personal photo, it'll be displayed on the sidebar.

Sobriquet expects this image to be placed in the /static/img/ directory.

    profile-img = "VictorQuinn.png"

Social Media

Sobriquet currently supports a bunch of the major social networking platforms.

Simply add the username for each network to your config:

    facebook = "victorjquinn"
    github = "victorquinn"
    google_plus = "+victorquinn"
    linkedin = "victorquinn"
    reddit = "victorquinn"
    twitter = "victorquinn"

If any network is not provided, Sobriquet will automatically hide it.


Sobriquet works with Segment or Google Analytics. I've long been a huge fan of Segment (which can be used to send data to Google Analytics as well if you'd like) but also understand that Google Analytics is often the standard as far as Analytics so that's included as well.

To include it, add the following to your config.toml

# For Segment
    segment = "your_segment_key"

# or for Google Analytics
    google_analytics = "your_google_analytics_key"

Creating Content

Sobriquet includes archetypes for the kinds of content that most people may want on a portfolio site. At current, these include the following:

  • Employment
  • Education
  • Projects
  • Writing
  • Miscellaneous

If there are others you'd like, feel free to submit a PR, happy to add new things! I started with items I wanted on my site, but I'm sure there are likely others, particularly for people in different careers.

Essentially, add content of each archetype, specifying some of the items in the front matter, and Sobriquet will create a page for that item and add a nicely stylized card to the front page as well.

For example, to create a new employment item, run the following in your shell

$ hugo new employment/

That'll create a new item using the archetype that will look like this:

company_img = ""
company_name = ""
company_website = ""
date = "2016-03-06T12:09:47-05:00"
role = ""
summary = ""
time = ""
title = "socialradar"


Fill in the front matter items and a nice looking card will be rendered by Sobriquet on the homepage!

For example, this item ends up looking like this for me:

company_img = "SocialRadar.png" # Note, this is relative to the /static/img directory
company_name = "SocialRadar"
company_website = ""
date = "2016-03-06T12:09:47-05:00"
role = "VP of Engineering"
summary = "Leading the engineering team at a startup focused on location technology."
time = "Sept 2013 - Present"
title = "socialradar"


Any content will be put in a new page at /employment/socialradar so you can fill in further details

To Do

  1. Currently there is no way to re-order the items on the front page. Trying to figure out a non-confusing way to accomplish this in the config.


Sobriquet - Hugo theme for my personal website




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