This project aims to use Inkscape (open source software) to recreate a lot of blazons in SVG format -- Scalable Vector Graphics -- to allow anyone to create their own blazon.
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Why this project?

Because Heraldry is beautiful, interesting, inspiring and awesome!

What is SVG and why this format?

SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphics. I chose this format because it is W3C compliant ( which means the chances are high this file -- and filetype -- will run smoothly on your browser:

  • Mozilla Firefox,
  • Opera,
  • Google Chrome,
  • Webkit,
  • Safari...
  • (that does not mean you Internet Explorer).

Besides that is very likely for this file to be used/opened without any further problems in you Adobe Illustrator, Corel DRAW! or other proprietary vector graphics program. The opposite is, as you all know, rarely true. :'-(

What is your motivation?

Spread the Heraldry love all over! <3

Why Heraldry?

Why NOT!? Because it can be used on the web in your site, printed as a graphics for your shirt (even pollo shirt!) and lots of other cool places! Possibilites are endless.

Why Inkscape?

Because it is opensource and it runs everywhere. Windows, Linux, Mac... you name it! This increases the chance of collaboration AND reusability.

Final words?

We hope they soon take the web by storm like .GIF files did in the 90's (alongside with animated .PNG files!).