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Archived: This project is no longer being actively maintained or (to the maintainer's knowledge) being used by anyone in production. Contact @bguthrie or @woodhull if you have plans to adopt this application or would like to help maintain it.

VictoryKit is a free and open source platform to run campaigns for social change.

build status


On a Mac, you'll want to install:

$ brew install redis postgresql

You may already have a version of Postgres installed, in which case you'll need to remove it with:

$ brew unlink postgresql
$ brew install postgresql

To check out the code:

$ git clone

To confirm you have the appropriate requirements:

$ cd victorykit
$ ./script/bootstrap


Make sure gems are up to date:

$ bundle

Make sure Postgres is running

Make sure the database exists and is migrated

$ rake db:create
$ rake db:migrate

Make sure the tests pass:

$ rake

Make sure Redis is running

Run the app locally

$ rails server

Alternatively, you can use Foreman:

$ foreman start -f -p 3000