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A free and open source platform to run campaigns for social change.

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VictoryKit is a free and open source platform to run campaigns for social change.


On a Mac, you'll want to install:

$ brew install mysql
$ brew install chromedriver

To checkout the code:

$ git clone

To confirm you have the appropriate requirements:

$ cd victorykit
$ ./script/bootstrap

To setup vagrant you'll first need to remove postgresql and redis from your local OSX machine first.

$ ls ~/Library/LaunchAgents

You should see 2 of the files looking like they're related to postgresql and redis. For each file unload them with the following command:

$ launchctl unload ~/Library/LaunchAgents/<your plist file name>

This doesn't uninstall the services, but stops them from running.

$ ./script/bootstrap_vagrant

If you get a message like the following:

The VM failed to remain in the "running" state while attempting to boot.
This is normally caused by a misconfiguration or host system incompatibilities.
Please open the VirtualBox GUI and attempt to boot the virtual machine
manually to get a more informative error message.

This means that /Applications doesn't have the write permissions. For some reason VirtualBox doesn't like it when that directory is world writable. The following should resolve that:

$ sudo chmod o-w /Applications


If this is the first time setting up the project, you will need to setup your datbase:

$ rake db:setup

Make sure the tests pass:

$ rake

Start the local server:

$ rails server

Vagrant basics

  • vagrant up - this starts up the VM from any non-up state (PoweredOff, Suspended)
  • vagrant reload - will reboot the VM. This is generally needed if you are changing the Vagrantfile. This will reconfigure the network port-forwarding VM/host file system shares.
  • vagrant provision - executes the provision steps (in our case, it runs chef)
  • vagrant destroy - completely removes the VM
  • vagrant suspend - pauses the VM
  • vagrant ssh - logs into the VM
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