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Venus OS is the Victron Energy Unix open source software distribution with a linux kernel. Read the sales pitch for its features. Go to the main readme for building.

There is also a developers mailing list. Besides on this wiki, there is more developers information available on the Open source page on Victron Live.

Venus is used in two of our commercial products:

And it also runs on micro PCs such as:


Venus can be built for multiple different hardware. The different machines conf files are in meta-victronenergy/meta-bsp/conf/machine. They are:

machine oe version status notes
ccgx jethro in use CCGX
beaglebone jethro in use Venus GX
raspberrypi2 jethro in use instructions
nanopi neo jethro in progress onboard emmc

More info in machines.

Besides building a full images for the machines above, we also build some Debian and Raspbian packages out of the recipes in Venus. See raspberrypi-install-venus-packages.

Generic info

Open embedded version (Rocko), branches and repos

See here: repos and their branches

Color Control GX

And there is more CCGX Information on Victron Live.

Venus GX (BeagleBone)

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