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SoapClient .NET Core client with C# Jan 14, 2019
lwsapp-axis2-client CXF and Axis2 client Feb 16, 2019
lwsapp-cxf-client CXF client Feb 14, 2019
lwsapp-jaxwsri-client JAX-WS RI client Jan 13, 2019
lwsapp-jmeter-project JMeter Feb 12, 2019
lwsapp-js-client Node.js client Jan 13, 2019
lwsapp-python-client Python client Jan 13, 2019
lwsapp-springws-client Spring Web Services Feb 13, 2019
lwsapp Test JavaScript client Jan 19, 2019
site CXF and Axis2 client Feb 16, 2019
.gitignore .gitignore to different technologies Jan 13, 2019 CXF and Axis2 client Feb 16, 2019
LICENCE Licence clarification Jan 17, 2019
LICENCE-CC-BY-SA-4.0 Licence clarification Jan 17, 2019
LICENCE-MIT English site Jan 21, 2019

Repository for site

This repository contains the source of the site.

The main purpose of this site to provide a free, public, sample SOAP webservices for everyone. These webservices are designed to long live, so they can be used in tutorials, videos, blog posts, Stack Overflow, etc. The site contains SOAP clients in different programming languages.

Static pages are in the site directory, and generated with Jekyll.

There are a Spring Boot server application (lwsapp) serves the SOAP webservices.

The repository contains clients with different technologies:

  • lwsapp-axis2-client - Java Axis2 client
  • lwsapp-cxf-client - Java CXF client
  • lwsapp-jaxwsri-client - Java JAX-RS RI client
  • lwsapp-jmeter-project - JMeter project file
  • lwsapp-js-client - Node.js client with SOAP library
  • lwsapp-python-client - Python client with Zeep
  • lwsapp-soapui-project - SoapUI project
  • lwsapp-springws-client - Java Spring Web Services client
  • lwsapp-vanillajs-client - Vanilla JS client in pure JavaScript (Node.js)
  • SoapClient - .NET Core client with C#

About the author

This site was developed by István Viczián, the author of the blog.


The source codes of the SOAP server example and the client application examples above are available on the site (everything in this repository, except the site directory) are licensed under MIT License.

The textual content of the site (the content of the site directory) is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

See LICENSE-MIT and LICENCE-CC-BY-SA-4.0 files for details, or the and sites.