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Reproducibility news

This repository contains the recent news about reproducibility that are shown on The raw RSS feed is here.

Please, do not hesitate to provide news about your own work by opening a Pull Request here or by contacting us. A contributing guide is available to guide you through the process.

RSS Format

The feed is generated from a YAML file, news.yaml, that you can edit here. The format is as follow:

title: |
  Some meaningful title here (will be tweeted out)
link: link to the original article or publication
date: 2017-02-21 00:00:00
tags: [reproducibility talk]
description: |
  Multi-line description here. Will show up in RSS readers.
  Like the title field, be careful not to forget the indentation.

title: |
  Other entry
link: other link
date: 2016-01-12 00:00:00
tags: [data science, news article]
description: |
  Another entry.

RSS Tags

Tag Content
case studies reproducibility case studies
data science everything related to data science
news article articles published by scientific bodies
noWorkflow everything related to noWorkflow
open access everything related to open access publishing of data and papers
popular news articles published by popular reporting organizations (NY times, etc.)
replication study studies that seek to replicate scientific findings
reproducibility bibliography bibliographies having to do with reproducibility
reproducibility conference conferences that want reproducible papers/posters accepted AND conferences that discuss reproducibility
reproducibility guidelines guidelines for reproducibility
reproducibility infrastructure reports/articles/papers on building reproducibility infrastructure
reproducibility report reports by governing bodies on reproducibility of a field's work
reproducibility study studies that seek to reproduce research
reproducibility talk talks and presentations about reproducibility
reproducible journal journals that work towards reproducibility efforts (requiring submissions to be reproducible, etc.
reproducible paper papers that are considered reproducible
ReproZip everything related to ReproZip
research guide library guides for reproducibility
retraction report of a paper being retracted
VisTrails everything related to VisTrails