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C# Winform HMI (Receive data from Web Server and Send Command to PLC)
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HMI (for factory automation )

Language) C# Winform Project. I'll change to WPF Project later.


  1. Receiving data from web server.
  • A worker request to use the machine with his/her cellular phone
  • accept data at Web server.
  • Web server send data to HMI(this Program)
  1. Send Command to PLC and Monitor PLC Data
  • from receiving data, HMI Command to PLC to work.


  1. with Web Server
  • Socket
  1. with PLC
  • AB PLC(Controllogix)
  • libplctag library uses. ** when the ethernet cable is disconnected or occures a communication problem, need to dispose plc Client object first, and try to add Tag to plc client.
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