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Landing Strip

This project contains a few layouts of landing pages that have been rewritten to make them usable. This was done because A/B testing is so much easier when one doesn't have to spend too much time redesigning pages and can just fill in the blanks on a layout that people are probably already familiar with, but even that is just an assumption.

The layouts have been inspired by landing pages that are currently out there and winning users over 🏆 but none of the code has been copied from the source sites which should steer most clear from plagiarism or copyright violations.

Featured Examples

The following table lists the landing page layouts that are used on some sites and the template within this repository that remotely mimics that layout.

sites template enchanted strip view pipeline strip view joinsupport strip view


This is not 🚀 science and it seems unnecessary to burden you with the licensing distractions which is why this is published under the terms of the UNLICENSE license 😉 which basically states that the author is not liable and anyone is free to do as they like.