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The Viddler Moodle Filter

This Moodle Filter makes it possible to use Viddler's ShortCode embed code to embed video directly into your Moodle LMS.

Installation instructions

  1. Download the latest version of the Viddler Moodle Filter.
  2. Transfer the entire /viddler/ directory into your /filter/ directory on your Moodle installation.
  3. In Moodle go to Site Administration > Plugins > Filters > Manage Filters
  4. Enable the Viddler Moodle Filter to "On".
  5. Test the filter by pasting this code into a post: [viddler id=788bbf00 w=437 h=288]

How to use

Simply copy the ShortCode embed code from and paste it into your post on Moodle. Example ShortCode embed code: [viddler id=788bbf00 w=437 h=288]

This outputs an iframe embed code.

How it works

The filter_viddler in filter.php simply extends Moodle's built-in moodle_text_filter which filters text upon publishing. The /lang/en/filter_viddler.php contains a text string which Moodle's Admin area uses to name the plugin properly.



  • 0.1 24 May 2012
    • Initial commit.
    • Accepts simple ShortCode [viddler id=viddler_id w=width h=height]