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Contributing to LövePotion

Anyone can contribute to LövePotion, but there are a few guidelines.

Pull Requests

  • Tabs for indentation, spaces are the devil!
  • No Allman style brackets please, they're ugly.
  • If you add an external library, please add the respective license to the license folder.
  • Accurately test your changes, if it's a change that improves performance for example, make sure it actually improves performance!
  • Codebase cleanups are very welcome, things are a mess right now.


  • Please only create issues for LövePotion as a whole, if you need help making your game ask in the GBATemp thread.
  • Confirm the bug you are posting does indeed exist and you're not doing anything wrong.
  • Please state what version of LövePotion you are using (semi-stable or unstable/git)

That's all mostly, if you have any questions hit me up on #lovepotion on OFTC.

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