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Learning Ink + Unity

Welcome to the online, open-source textbook Learning Ink + Unity!

This book is designed for those who may not have used Ink, Unity, or any other programming language or engine before with the goal to get you started on creating projects.

It doesn't cover everything, but it should be enough to start making things and preparing the way to move on to more advanced projects.

How do I read this?

This book was written in Markdown and designed to be read on GitHub (where it is also hosted).

A future HTML version is planned, but the current design is for reading it as generated on GitHub through clicking on the chapter links below.

Table of Contents

Code Basics

Editor Basics

Using Plugins and Libraries

Building an Ink-Based UI in Unity

Organizing and Optimizing

Advanced Ink Story API Usage

Found a problem or want to help improve this project?

Submit an issue or pull request! Please help me make this a better resource for learning Ink + Unity!


Version Release Date
1.0 June 2020


Text and Images

The text and images of this book are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. When using the text or screenshots of this book for academic purposes, please use the following (APA) citation:

Cox, D. (2020). Learning Ink + Unity. GitHub repository.


All code examples are released under a Public Domain (CC0 1.0 Universal) license. You are free to use them for any commercial, hobby, or educational purpose without citation, attribution, or acknowledgement. Go and create freely!

Inky and Ink

Inky and ink, along with its code and logos, are released under the MIT license.


Learn to use Ink + Unity






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