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- 2015-02-07
* Added possibility to set serialize/unserialize function for rpc servers/clients
- 2014-11-27
* Added interface `OldSound\RabbitMqBundle\Provider\QueuesProviderInterface`
* Added `queues_provider` configuration for multiple consumer
- 2014-07-21
* Added `reconnect` method into `OldSound\RabbitMqBundle\RabbitMq\BaseAmqp`
- 2014-02-24
* Add a parameter to RPC client configuration to disable auto unserialize when adding call results to results array.
- 2013-01-18
* adds an an optional parameter for the AMQP Message Properties for the publish method of the Producer, so they can be set as well. For example, seeting the application_headers is now possible.
- 2012-06-04
* Revert PR #46. It is still possible to override parameter classes but in a proper way.
* Some default options for exchanges declared in the "producers" config section
have changed to match the defaults of exchanges declared in the "consumers" section.
The affected settings are:
* `durable` was changed from `false` to `true`,
* `auto_delete` was changed from `true` to `false`.
* Adds basic_reject functionality to consumers. A message can be rejected by returning `false` from a callback.
- 2012-05-29
* Merged PR #46 adding compiler passes for the configuration. Now the parameter classes can be overriden.
* Treats queue arguments as a variableNode in the configuration to allow declaring HA Queues.
- 2012-01-03
* Merged PR #14 Now instances of `PhpAmqpLib\Message\AMQPMessage` are passed to consumers instead of just the message body.
The message body can be obtained then by writing `$msg->body` inside the `execute` method.
* Merged PR #13 removing the need for the ContainerAwareInterface on consumers.
* `rabbitmq:consumer` now takes a `--route` argument that can be used to specify the routing key.
- 2011-11-25:
* Fixed autoload configuration example
* Adds a producer that can publish data coming from STDIN. The use case will be to use it in combination with unix pipes.
- 2011-11-24:
* The rabbitmq:consumer command consumes messages forever unless the -m option is provided.
* The -m option for the rabbitmq:consumer command must be greater null or greater than 0.
* Fixed issues #2 #7 #11 and #12.
* Updated the bundle to use the latest version from videlalvaro/php-amqplib.
* Updated installation/setup instructions.