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Utilities to connect Clojure with Cloud Foundry
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A Clojure library designed to ease integration with Cloud Foundry

NOTE: Work In Progress

Continuous Integration Status

Continuous Integration status


With leiningen add it to your project dependencies like this:

[claude "0.2.1-SNAPSHOT"]

And with Maven you can do:


Then on your code you can use it this way:

(ns my.namespace
  (require: [claude.core :as cf]
            [claude.mongodb :as cfm]
            [claude.rabbitmq :as cfr]
            [langohr.core  :as lhc]
            [monger.core :as mg]))

(defonce default-url "mongodb://")

(defn mongo-connect []
  (if (cf/cloudfoundry?)
    (mg/connect-via-uri! (cfm/url))
    (mg/connect-via-uri! default-url)))

(defn rabbitmq-connect []
  (if (cf/cloudfoundry?)
    (lhc/connect (lhc/settings-from (cfr/url)))

(defonce ^Connection conn (rabbitmq-connect))


  • Add a proper groupId for the Maven repositories
  • Improve Integration with Cloud Foundry services


The original version of this library was based on this blog post.


Copyright © 2012 Alvaro Videla

See the LICENSE file.

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