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Jackalope Doctrine Transport

The Jackalope Doctrine transport implements the PHPCR API with a database backend using Doctrine DBAL as access and abstraction layer.


You need both Jackalope with the DoctrineDBAL branch and Doctrine Common+DBAL installed on your machine.


// autoloading
require_once "path/to/doctrine-common/lib/Doctrine/Common/ClassLoader.php";
require_once "path/to/src/Jackalope/autoloader.php";

$loader = new \Doctrine\Common\ClassLoader("Doctrine\Common", "path/to/doctrine-common/lib");
$loader = new \Doctrine\Common\ClassLoader("Doctrine\DBAL", "path/to/doctrine-dbal/lib");

// Bootstrap Doctrine
$dbConn = \Doctrine\DBAL\DriverManager::getConnection(array(
    'driver'    => "pdo_mysql",
    'host'      => "localhost",
    'user'      => "root",
    'password'  => "",
    'dbname'    => "jackalope",

// only necessary on the first run, creates the database:
$schema = \Jackalope\Transport\Doctrine\RepositorySchema::create();
foreach ($schema->toSQL($dbConn->getDatabasePlatform()) AS $sql) {

// Create Jackalope
$transport = new \Jackalope\Transport\DoctrineDBAL\Client(new \Jackalope\Factory(), $dbConn);
$repository = new \Jackalope\Repository(null, null, $transport);

Creating your first Workspace

Using $transport from above you have to create the initial workspace:


Getting started

Now you have a 'default' workspace and can start changing stuff:


$session = $repository->login(new \PHPCR\SimpleCredentials("foo", "bar"), "default"); // credentials dont matter
$rootNode = $session->getNode("/");
$whitewashing = $rootNode->addNode("www-whitewashing-de");

$posts = $whitewashing->addNode("posts");

$post = $posts->addNode("welcome-to-blog");
$post->setProperty("jcr:title", "Welcome to my Blog!");
$post->setProperty("jcr:description", "This is the first post on my blog!Do you like it?");

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