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Jackalope implementats PHPCR. This modular library contains bindings to store data with the doctrine DBAL or in the Jackrabbit JCR server part

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A powerful implementation of the PHPCR API.

You can use Jackalope with different storage backends. For now, we support relational databases with the DoctrineDBAL backend, and the Jackrabbit server with the Jackrabbit backend.

There is a different factory for each backend, see below for an introduction.

Discuss on or visit #jackalope on

License: This code is licenced under the apache license. Please see the file LICENSE in this folder.





See the wiki pages for how to set up testing: DoctrineDBAL | Jackrabbit.


The entry point is to create the repository factory. The factory specifies the storage backend as well.

// see the Doctrine factory for available parameters for the doctrine backend
// alternatively use \Jackalope\RepositoryFactoryDoctrineDBAL
$repository = \Jackalope\RepositoryFactoryJackrabbit::getRepository(array('jackalope.jackrabbit_uri' => 'http://localhost:8080/server'));
$credentials = new SimpleCredentials('username', 'password');
$session = $repository->login($credentials, 'default');

$rootNode = $session->getNode("/");
$whitewashing = $rootNode->addNode("www-whitewashing-de");

$posts = $whitewashing->addNode("posts");

$post = $posts->addNode("welcome-to-blog");
$post->setProperty("jcr:title", "Welcome to my Blog!");
$post->setProperty("jcr:description", "This is the first post on my blog! Do you like it?");


See for how to use the PHPCR API


See (doc/ for an introduction how Jackalope is built. Have a look at the source files and generate the phpdoc.


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