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Jan 25, 2012

  1. Alvaro Videla

    Converted README to Markdown

  2. Alvaro Videla

    moves README to Markdown format


Jan 20, 2012

  1. [feature] Dropbox: API client

    Nicolas Glondu authored
  2. [enhance] OAuth: PUT added and a jlog removed

    Nicolas Glondu authored

Jan 18, 2012

  1. Frederic Ye

    [doc] Db: intamp_fold_range

    Aqua-Ye authored

Jan 17, 2012

  1. Cédric Soulas

    [fix] opaPrint: quick fix on js-like dom #id printer

    cedricss authored
  2. [enhance] stdlib: style for blue, green, red and orange icon sets

    Ida Swarczewskaja authored

Jan 13, 2012

  1. Frederic Ye

    [fix] cons function : if negative character, consider it …

    …character 0
    Aqua-Ye authored
  2. Rudy Sicard

    [feature] install_release: new -no-man option

    OpaOnWindowsNow authored
  3. Rudy Sicard

    [fix] fedora,install_release: -keep-install-sys should use installed …

    OpaOnWindowsNow authored
  4. Rudy Sicard

    [fix] fedora,configure: work with non fresh install

    OpaOnWindowsNow authored

Jan 11, 2012

  1. Frederic Ye

    [enhance] bslNativeLib: export caml_list

    Aqua-Ye authored
  2. Frederic Ye

    [cleanup] smtpServer: cleanup types

    Aqua-Ye authored Aqua-Ye committed

Jan 10, 2012

  1. Frederic Ye

    [enhance] Mail: following pull request from mattgu74 (MLstate#20)

    Sending email via a specified Smtp Server
    When the server is in intranet, it's not always possible to reach smtp server present in MX record.
    Then I have add an optional argument to specify a smtp server adress you want to use for sending email.
    Aqua-Ye authored

Jan 09, 2012

  1. Quentin Bourgerie

    [fix] package: manpage should be uninstalled

    BourgerieQuentin authored
  2. Jeremy Messenger

    [fix] build: Fix a typo, --cclib -> -cclib. The ocamlmktop doesn't kn…

    …ow what --cclib is.
    jlmess77 authored BourgerieQuentin committed
  3. Quentin Bourgerie

    [fix] recval: Added warning set for recursive values compilation + un…

    …activate it with js-like syntax (No syntaxic difference beetween recursive lambda and value)
    BourgerieQuentin authored
  4. Frederic Ye

    [enhance] Email: added a function to retrieve only the name correspon…

    …ding to an email if existent
    Aqua-Ye authored
  5. Frederic Ye

    [enhance] Dom: binded the jQuery select() function

    Aqua-Ye authored
  6. Frederic Ye

    [feature] Client: added a new function for reloading page and force t…

    …he GET method
    Aqua-Ye authored
  7. Frederic Ye

    [doc] Client: doc for Anchor.get_anchor()

    Aqua-Ye authored

Jan 06, 2012

  1. [enhance] MAC OS package: enabling manpages & small cleanup in postfl…

    …ight script
    Mathieu Baudet authored
  2. [cleanup] libbase/cps: removed useless keyword rec

    Mathieu Baudet authored
  3. [enhance] distrib: added compilation and install of manpages

    Mathieu Baudet authored
  4. [fix] manpages: when called from the main Makefile, do not assume 'in…

    …stall-bld' to be already done
    Mathieu Baudet authored
  5. [fix] Makefile: fixed global target clean by introducing '::'

    Mathieu Baudet authored
  6. [cleanup] Makefile: replaced calls to 'pwd' with make builtin command…

    … 'realpath'
    Mathieu Baudet authored
  7. [enhance] manpages: added target install-man to install manpages by d…

    Mathieu Baudet authored
  8. [enhance] manpages: now builds manpages in standard build directory

    Mathieu Baudet authored
  9. [enhance] dom: .contents() binded

    Nicolas Glondu authored
  10. [fix] gcharts: typo

    Nicolas Glondu authored
  11. Rudy Sicard

    [fix] llarray.opa: init:infinite loop

    OpaOnWindowsNow authored Titi committed
  12. Adam Koprowski

    [fix] Resource: fixing URL to list of supported browsers.

    akoprow authored

Jan 05, 2012

  1. Adam Koprowski

    [enhance] Markdown: added hierarchical model of the document.

    And a function to analyze the markdown content and build a
    hierarchical model (tree; akin to a table of contents) out of it.
    akoprow authored
  2. gregmak

    [enhance] stdlib: new fmodules for csv and xls export functions

    gregmak authored
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