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PHPCask is client for the Bitcask K/V Store recently released by Basho

On the PHP side it requires the PHP Erlang Bridge Extension

You have to install the Bitcask libraries

Note that this client is very simple. It's aim is to showcase what can be done with the PHP Erlang Bridge Extension and with Bitcask from PHP.

Running The Tests

Open the Terminal and type:

> cd path/to/phpcask
> ./

Open another Terminal window and type:

> cd path/to/phpcask/
> php test.php erlang_cookie

You can read the test.php file to see how does it work.

erlang_cookie must be the value of the Erlang Cookie used by the node running Bitcask.


  • Improve error handling
  • Implement the complete Bitcask API
  • Add more test
  • Fork this project and improve it that's you :)