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@@ -4,15 +4,16 @@ PHPCask is client for the Bitcask K/V Store recently released by [Basho](http://
On the PHP side it requires the [PHP Erlang Bridge Extension](
+You have to install the [Bitcask libraries](
Note that this client is *very* simple. It's aim is to showcase what can be done with the PHP Erlang Bridge Extension and with Bitcask from PHP.
## Running The Tests ##
Open the Terminal and type:
- > cd path/to/bitcask/ebin
- > erlc path/to/phpcask/php_cask.erl
- > erl -sname phpcask -pa ../deps/ebloom/ebin/
+ > cd path/to/phpcask
+ > erl -sname phpcask
Inside the erlang CLI:

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