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RabbitMQ Recent History Exchange
Erlang Makefile

RabbitMQ Recent History Cache

Keeps track of the last 20 messages that passed through the exchange. Every time a queue is bound to the exchange it delivers that last 20 messages to them. This is useful for implementing a very simple Chat History where clients that join the conversation can get the latest messages.

Exchange Type: x-recent-history


Install the corresponding .ez files from our Community Plugins page.

Then run the following command:

rabbitmq-plugins enable rabbitmq_recent_history_exchange

Building from Source

Install and setup the RabbitMQ Public Umbrella as explained here:

Then cd into the umbrella folder and type:

$ git clone git://
$ cd rabbitmq-recent-history-exchange
$ make

Finally copy all the *.ez files inside the dist folder to the $RABBITMQ_HOME/plugins folder. Don't copy the file rabbit_common-x.y.z since it's not needed inside the broker installation.


Creating an exchange

To create a recent history exchange, just declare an exchange providing the type "x-recent-history".

channel.exchangeDeclare("logs", "x-recent-history");

Providing a custom history length

Typically this exchange will store the latest 20 messages sent over the exchange. If you want to set a different cache length, then you can pass a "x-recent-history-length" argument to exchange.declare. The argument must be an integer greater or equal to zero.

For example in Java:

Map<String, Object> args = new HashMap<String, Object>();
args.put("x-recent-history-length", 60);
channel.exchangeDeclare("rh", "x-recent-history", false, false, args);

Preventing some messages from being stored

In case you would like to not store certain messages, just add the header "x-recent-history-no-store" with the value true to the message.

Disabling the Plugin

A future version of RabbitMQ will allow users to disable plugins. When you disable this plugin, it will delete all the cached messages.



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