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Riak Redis Backend


You need :

You have to specify the path to your credis installation.

  • Redis (Any version will do).

  • Riak

  • compile (erlc riak_redis_backend.erl)

Configure riak :

In etc/app.config change the option storage_backend to:

{storage_backend, riak_redis_backend}

And add the paths to the driver and the backedn so riak can find them:

'{add_paths, ["/path/to/riak_redis_backend", "/path/to/erlang_credis/ebin"]}'

For the time being, Redis must run locally. I will certainly add the line to configure the redis host and port.

Other files

  • riak_redis_prof : runs the Riak standard_backend_test.

  • riak_playground : runs an insert test and 2 map-reduce tasks and give timing information.s


Apache 2 license.


Eric Cestari

Port to CREDIS Driver

Alvaro Videla