Implementation of several messaging patterns with RabbitMQ and AMQP
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AMQP Messaging Patterns

This library has sample implementations of some of the patterns presented in the book Enterprise Integration Patterns.

The implementations are in Erlang using the rabbitmq-erlang-client.

To try these patterns you need a running RabbitMQ server.

The patterns implemented so far are:

  • Consumer: amqp_consumer.erl
  • Control Bus: amqp_control_bus.erl
  • Detour: amqp_detour.erl
  • Smart Proxy:
  • Wire Tap: amqp_wiretap.erl

To use these consumers/producers we have to understand the concept of "Control Enabled Endpoints" as explained in this blog post: An Army of Zombie Minions for RabbitMQ.


This library requires rebar to be installed.

Get the source code:

$ git clone git://

Prepare the dependencies:

$ cd rmq_patterns
$ mkdir deps
$ wget
$ wget
$ unzip -d deps amqp_client-2.4.1.ez
$ unzip -d deps rabbit_common-2.4.1.ez

Compile the source code:

$ rebar compile


Follow along this blog post An Army of Zombie Minions for RabbitMQ to see the sample usage.