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Loaders are now using native symfony cache directory based on sf_temp…

…late_cache_dir setting name
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1 parent e34c305 commit a65d580c12b1cfa391387b952f10cd645f66164a Henrik Bjørnskov committed Oct 10, 2009
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  1. +2 −2 lib/view/sfTwigView.class.php
4 lib/view/sfTwigView.class.php
@@ -34,8 +34,8 @@ public function execute()
$configuration = $this->context->getConfiguration();
//sets up a Twig_Loader_Array with directories
- $this->twig_loaders['decorator'] = new Twig_Loader_FileSystem($this->getDecoratorDirectory(), null);
- $this->twig_loaders['module'] = new Twig_Loader_FileSystem($this->getDirectory(), null);
+ $this->twig_loaders['decorator'] = new Twig_Loader_FileSystem($this->getDecoratorDirectory(), sfConfig::get('sf_template_cache_dir'));
+ $this->twig_loaders['module'] = new Twig_Loader_FileSystem($this->getDirectory(), sfConfig::get('sf_template_cache_dir'));
//Setting the $loader to null lets us swap the loader out as we need it on the same instance.
$this->twig = new Twig_Environment(null);

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