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new symfony task to generate the extensions

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1 parent 547616d commit dece875e88526fcef6b3555bbb0b235d69b08448 Videla Alvaro committed Oct 12, 2009
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  1. +22 −0 lib/task/sfTwigHelperToExtensionTask.class.php
@@ -0,0 +1,22 @@
+class sfTwigHelperToExtensionTask extends sfPluginBaseTask
+ protected function configure()
+ {
+ $this->namespace = 'twig';
+ $this->name = 'helpers';
+ $this->briefDescription = 'Convert symfony helpers to Twig Extensions';
+ }
+ protected function execute($arguments = array(), $options = array())
+ {
+ $pluginDir = sfApplicationConfiguration::getActive()->getPluginConfiguration('sfTwigPlugin')->getRootDir();
+ $helperDir = sfApplicationConfiguration::getActive()->getSymfonyLibDir() . '/helper/';
+ $command = sprintf('cd %s; ./ %s', $pluginDir, $helperDir);
+ exec($command, $output);
+ echo implode(PHP_EOL, $output), "\n";
+ }

4 comments on commit dece875

fabpot commented on dece875 Oct 12, 2009

Why not create only one extension for all symfony helpers? I think it would make more sense and be faster.


Yes that was what, i was thinking a extension per helper and a extension to load other extension into the current twig environment (so we have the same functionality as use_helper). And i am not that fund of the way it just assumes it all should be filters, need to make a decistion which should be filters and which should not. include_partial should be a Twig tag maybe named "partial "module/name" to mimic as much native behavior from the original sfPHPView


I think we can take this is script as a base for future improvements. I will take a more detailed look into Tags


i have started a HelperHelper_Twig_Extension with a use tag for including extensions directly from templates, please send the changes back to the main branch thanks :)

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