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What is vert.x?

Vert.x is the framework for the next generation of asynchronous, effortlessly scalable, concurrent applications.

Vert.x is a framework which takes inspiration from event driven frameworks like node.js, combines it with a distributed event bus and sticks it all on the JVM - a runtime with real concurrency and unrivalled performance. Vert.x then exposes the API in Ruby and Java too.

Some of the key highlights include:

  • Polyglot. Write your application components in JavaScript, Java or Ruby. It's up to you. Or mix and match several programming languages in a single application. (Groovy, Scala and Clojure support is scheduled too).

  • No more worrying about concurrency. Vert.x allows you to write all your code as single threaded, freeing you from the hassle of multi-threaded programming. Race conditions and locks are a thing of the past.

  • Vert.x has a super simple, asynchronous programming model for writing truly scalable non-blocking applications.

  • Vert.x includes a distributed event bus that spans the client and server side so your applications components can communicate incredibly easily. The event bus even penetrates into in-browser JavaScript allowing you to create effortless so-called real-time web applications.

  • Vert.x provides real power and simplicity, without being simplistic. No more boilerplate or sprawling xml configuration files.

Please see the website for full documentation and information on vert.x

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