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📺 RTMP support for Clappr player.
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RTMP support for Clappr player. Supports both RTMP direct and SMIL (dynamic streaming).

How to use

Import rtmp.min.js

<script type="text/javascript" src="">

and create Clappr Player adding the external plugin:

var player = new Clappr.Player({
    source: "rtmp://source_here",
    parentId: "#player-wrapper",
    plugins: {'playback': [RTMP]},
    rtmpConfig: {
        swfPath: 'dist/assets/RTMP.swf',
        playbackType: 'live',
        bufferTime: 1,
        startLevel: 0,
        switchRules: {
            "SufficientBandwidthRule": {
                "bandwidthSafetyMultiple": 1.15,
                "minDroppedFps": 2
            "InsufficientBufferRule": {
                "minBufferLength": 2
            "DroppedFramesRule": {
                "downSwitchByOne": 10,
                "downSwitchByTwo": 20,
                "downSwitchToZero": 24
            "InsufficientBandwidthRule": {
                "bitrateMultiplier": 1.15


The plugin accepts several optional configuration options, such as:

  • swfPath (default // - Path to the SWF responsible for the playback.
  • scaling (default letterbox) - Scaling behavior.
  • playbackType (default live if the source contains live on its URL, vod otherwise).
  • bufferTime (default 0.1) - How long to buffer before start playing the media.
  • startLevel (default -1) - Initial quality level index.
  • autoSwitch (default false) - Whether video should autoSwitch quality
  • useAppInstance (default false) - Set it to true if your source url contains the app instance (not required if the app instance is _definst_).
  • proxyType (default none) - Determines which fallback methods are tried if an initial connection attempt to Flash Media Server fails.
  • switchRules (default system defined) - Rules defined to autoSwitch video quality based in some conditions.



  1. AirSDK
  2. Webpack

Compile SWF

cd src

Download JS dependencies

npm install

Build the final dist

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