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@github-actions github-actions released this 20 Apr 16:43


HLS.js v1.0.2 includes several bug fixes and improvements over the last release.

Demo Page

Changes Since The Last Release


  • Fixed DEFAULT=YES on caption tracks not being respected - #3781 resolves #3780
  • Fixed audio-buffer stall with frequent audio group switching - #3800 resolves #3770
  • Fixed AES-128 in streams with alt-audio tracks - #3782 resolves #3772
  • Fixed setInterval/Timer regression in fps-controller - #3799 resolves #3790
  • Fixed playlist URL search params being sorted and re-encoded - #3787 resolves #3786
  • Fixed LL-HLS playlist requests with _HLS_part param starting at 0 for next sn - #3784 resolves #3571/#3771
  • Fixed blocking playlist requests with lowLatencyMode set to false - #3792 resolves #3566
  • Fixed fetch-loader progressive bandwidth sampling - #3801 resolves #3789

API and Breaking Changes

If you are upgrading from version v0.14.17 or lower, see the MIGRATING guide for API changes between v0.14.x and v1.0.0.


Please provide feedback via Issues in GitHub. For more details on how to contribute to HLS.js, see our CONTRIBUTING guide.