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Video.js Icon Font

This project contains all of the tooling necessary to generate a new icon font for Video.js. The icons themselves are from Google's Material Design Icons.


$ npm install grunt-cli // only if you don't already have grunt installed
$ npm install
$ grunt

Making changes to the font

To make changes to the font, simply edit the icons.json file. You can add or remove icons, either by just selecting new SVGs from the Material Design set, or pulling in new SVGs altogether.

  "font-name": "VideoJS",
  "root-dir": "./node_modules/material-design-icons/",
  "icons": [
      "name": "play",
      "svg": "av/svg/production/ic_play_arrow_48px.svg"
      "name": "pause",
      "svg": "av/svg/production/ic_pause_48px.svg"
      "name": "cool-custom-icon",
      "svg": "neato-icon.svg",
      "root-dir": "./custom-icons/neato-icon.svg"

Once you're done, simply run grunt again to regenerate the fonts and scss partial. To edit the _icons.scss partial, update templates/scss.hbs.