Tools for inspecting MPEG2TS, fMP4, and FLV files and the codec bitstreams therein
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Thumbcoil is a video inspector tool that can unpackage various media containers and inspect the bitstreams therein. Thumbcoil runs entirely within your browser so that none of your video data is ever transmitted to a server.

Table of Contents



npm install --save thumbcoil

Container Support

Thumbcoil supports the following container formats:

  • MPEG2-TS
    • PAT
    • PMT
    • PES
  • fMP4 (some support for traditional non-fragmented MP4)
    • Too many boxes to list!
  • FLV
    • FLV Header
    • Video Tag
    • Audio Tag

Bitstream Support


Thumbcoil supports the parsing and writing of the following NAL units:

  • access_unit_delimiter
  • sequence_paramter_set
    • Including seq_scaling_list and vui_parameters
  • picture_parameter_set
    • Including pic_scaling_list
  • slice_layer_without_partitioning
    • Only parses the slice_header
  • slice_layer_without_partitioning_idr
    • Only parses the slice_header
  • sei_message - the following payload types
    • buffering_period
    • pic_timing
    • user_data_registered_itu_t_t35
    • recovery_point


Thumbcoil supports the parsing of the following AAC stream elements:

  • single_channel_element
  • channel_pair_element
  • lfe_channel_element
  • data_stream_element
  • program_config_element


Apache-2.0. Copyright (c) Brightcove, Inc.