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Unreleased (HEAD)

  • Added Karma for cross-browser unit testing (view)

4.2.1 (2013-09-09)

  • Fixed an infinite loop caused by loading the library asynchronously (view)

4.2.0 (2013-09-04)

  • Added LESS as a CSS preprocessor for the default skin (view)
  • Exported MenuButtons for use in the API (view)
  • Fixed ability to remove listeners added with one() (view)
  • Updated buffered() to account for multiple loaded ranges (view)
  • Exported createItems() for custom menus (view)
  • Preventing media events from bubbling up the DOM (view)
  • Major reworking of the control bar and many issues fixed (view)
  • Fixed an issue with minifiying the code on Windows systems (view)
  • Added support for RTMP streaming through Flash (view)
  • Made tech.features available to external techs (view)
  • Minor code improvements (view)
  • Updated time formatting to support NaN and Infinity (view)
  • Fixed an undefined error in cases where no tech is loaded (view)
  • Exported addClass and removeClass for player components (view)
  • Made the fallback message customizable (view)
  • Fixed an issue with the loading spinner placement and rotation (view)
  • Fixed an issue with fonts being flaky in IE8

4.1.0 (2013-06-28)

  • Turned on method queuing for unready playback technologies (flash) view
  • Blocking user text selection on player components view
  • Exported requestFullScreen() and cancelFullScreen() in the minified version view
  • Exported the global players reference, videojs.players view
  • Added google analytics to the CDN version (view)
  • Exported fadeIn/fadeOut for the Component API (view)
  • Fixed an IE poster error when autoplaying (view)
  • Exported bufferedPercent for the API (view)
  • Augmented user agent detection, specifically for Android versions (view)
  • Fixed IE9 canPlayType error (view)
  • Fixed various issues with captions (view)

4.0.4 (2013-06-11)

  • Added google analytics to current CDN version. (view)

4.0.3 (2013-05-28)

  • Fixed an bug with exiting fullscreen. view

4.0.2 (2013-05-23)

  • Correct version number for CDN swf url. Minify CSS. view

4.0.1 (2013-05-22)

  • Fixed old IE font loading view

4.0.0 (2013-05-09)

  • Improved performance through an 18% size reduction using Google Closure Compiler in advanced mode
  • Greater stability through an automated cross-browser/device test suite using TravisCI, Bunyip, and Browserstack.
  • New plugin interface and plugin listing for extending Video.js
  • New default skin design that uses font icons for greater customization
  • Responsive design and retina display support
  • Improved accessibility through better ARIA support
  • Moved to Apache 2.0 license
  • 100% JavaScript development tool set including Grunt
  • Updated docs to use Github markdown
  • Allow disabling of default components
  • Duration is now setable (need ed for HLS m3u8 files)
  • Event binders (on/off/one) now return the player instance
  • Stopped player from going back to beginning on ended event
  • Added support for percent width/height and fluid layouts
  • Improved load order of elements to reduce reflow
  • Changed addEvent function name to 'on'
  • Removed conflicting array.indexOf function
  • Added exitFullScreen to support BlackBerry devices (pull/143)

3.2.0 (2012-03-20)

  • Updated docs with more options.
  • Overhauled HTML5 Track support.
  • Fixed Flash always autoplaying when setting source.
  • Fixed localStorage context
  • Updated 'fullscreenchange' event to be called even if the user presses escape to exit fullscreen.
  • Automatically converting URsource URL to absolute for Flash fallback.
  • Created new 'loadedalldata' event for when the source is completely downloaded
  • Improved player.destroy(). Now removes elements and references.
  • Refactored API to be more immediately available.


  • 3.2.1 (2012-04-06) Fixed setting width/height with javascript options
  • 3.2.2 (2012-05-02) Fixed error with multiple controls fading listeners
  • 3.2.3 (2012-11-12) Fixed chrome spinner continuing on seek

3.1.0 (2012-01-30)

  • Added CSS fix for Firefox 9 fullscreen (in the rare case that it's enabled)
  • Replaced swfobject with custom embed to save file size.
  • Added flash iframe-mode, an experimental method for getting around flash reloading issues.
  • Fixed issue with volume knob position. Improved controls fading.
  • Fixed ian issue with triggering fullscreen a second time.
  • Fixed issue with getting attributes in Firefox 3.0
  • Escaping special characters in source URL for Flash
  • Added a check for if Firefox is enabled which fixes a Firefox 9 issue
  • Stopped spinner from showing on 'stalled' events since browsers sometimes don't show that they've recovered.
  • Fixed CDN Version which was breaking dev.html
  • Made full-window mode more independent
  • Added rakefile for release generation

3.0.0 (2012-01-10)

  • Same HTML/CSS Skin for both HTML5 and Flash video
  • Super lightweight Flash fallback player for browsers that don’t support HTML5 video
  • Free CDN hosting


  • 3.0.2 (2012-01-12) Started tracking changes with zenflow
  • 3.0.3 (2012-01-12) Added line to docs to test zenflow
  • 3.0.4 (2012-01-12) Fixing an undefined source when no sources exist on load
  • 3.0.5 (2012-01-12) Removed deprecated event.layerX and layerY
  • 3.0.6 (2012-01-12) Fixed wrong URL for CDN in docs
  • 3.0.7 (2012-01-12) Fixed an ie8 breaking bug with the poster
  • 3.0.8 (2012-01-23) Fixed issue with controls not hiding in IE due to no opacity support
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