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Video.js homepage

Video.js Documentation

There are two categories of docs: Guides and API docs. Guides explain general topics and use cases (e.g. setup). API docs are automatically generated from the codebase and give specific details about functions, properties, and events.

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Getting Started

  • Setup - The setup documentation gives a deeper view of the additional methods you can use to trigger the player setup.

  • Options - There are a number of options that can be used to change how the player behaves, starting with the HTML5 media options like autoplay and preload, and expanding to Video.js specific options.

  • Tracks - Text Tracks are used to display subtitles and captions, and add a menu for navigating between chapters in a video.


  • API - The Video.js API allows you to control the video through javascript or trigger event listeners, whether the video is playing through HTML5, flash, or another playback technology.

  • Skins - You can change the look of the player across playback technologies just by editing a CSS file. The skins documentation gives you a intro to how the HTML and CSS of the default skin is put together.

  • Tech - A 'playback technology' is the term we're using to represent HTML5 video, Flash, and other video plugins, as well as other players like the YouTube player. Basically anything that has a unique API to audio or video. Additional playback technologies can be added relatively easily.

  • Plugins - You can package up interesting Video.js customizations and reuse them elsewhere. Find out how to build your own plugin or use one created by someone else.


API Docs

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