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IE8 flash problems #145

ippa opened this Issue · 3 comments

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Latest IE9 on Win7. Latest Flash installed. This is what I get when browsing in IE8 mode to test the flash fallback:

Note the "Document Mode: IE8 standards" and that something seems to go wrong when fetching the video-js.swf. I've highlighted that line in the Network-debug window.

I first got this problem when I tried on my own site, but then noticed I get the very same error on the official site. "IE7 standards" give me the very same thing. Everything works fine in chrome and firefox.


any ideas? Or something you want me to test?


Ok, I got hold of a real IE8 install on a Windows Vista machine and it works there.

So, this seems to be a specific problem with the IE8 standards mode that you can play with in IE9.

I'm not sure if we should care or not about that. Probably not.



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