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Feature Request: isPlaying() method #181

dominic-p opened this Issue · 5 comments

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Hello, in adding some custom event handlers I'm finding it necessary to determine if the video is currently playing or not. This is possible (albeit convoluted) with the HTML5 tech, but I have no idea how to go about it with the flash tech.

It might be nice to have an abstracted isPlaying() method that simply returns true or false based on if the video is playing or not.


You can use the paused() function. myPlayer.paused() will return false if it's playing. This is how HTML5 video handles it, and with video.js it will work with HTML5 and flash.

@heff heff closed this

Thanks. I can't believe I missed the .paused() method. It works perfectly.


paused() doesn't appear on Perhaps it can be added.


No update has happened, apparently.

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