Play() in fullscreen send an error with flash fallback #210

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Isammoc commented Aug 2, 2012


I called requestFullScreen() and directly play() on videojs when a user clicked on my own poster (not an image, so I cannot use poster in videojs mode).

In chrome, all is ok: video is fullscreen and playing.
In firefox, with flash fallback, video went fullscreen but didn't play.
An error in the console said : " is not a function"

Reproduced on:
Firefox 14.0.1, Shockwave Flash plugin 11.2, Ubuntu 12.04
Firefox 14.0.1, Shockwave Flash plugin 11.1, Windows 7
Firefox 14.0.1, Shockwave Flash plugin 11.3, Windows 7

Démo :
Sources :

Isammoc commented Aug 2, 2012

A workaround I found is to delay the play() call about 2ms after the requestFullScreen()

Something like this fiddle works:
Démo :
Sources :

Isammoc commented Aug 27, 2012

Here an example after the pull request modification :

with jQuery and a <button id="playInFullscreen"> element

    $('#playInFullscreen').on('click', function() {
        videojs.ready(function() {; } );

ddadick commented Dec 26, 2012


and no problem

milax commented Apr 30, 2013

ddadick, thank you!
Isammoc, your fix is not working :(


heff commented Nov 15, 2013

I'm not sure what the specific issue with this was in version 3, but it's not happening for me in version 4 now. Firefox has also drastically improved their fullscreen + flash support, so that was more likely the fix here.

heff closed this Nov 15, 2013

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