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Hey guys,

I really love your product. Thank you, it has made embedding video content very easy once I understood all that was involved. My issue came when I tried to dynamically load other sources into the player. I found there was a bit of a disconnect in the API docs.

I might be a little thick but I thought the API would build the html....and nowhere does it mention to be sure to have that in your page before you start using the API.

That's all...I think it'd be much clearer if even it was mentioned to do the initial setup prior to start using the api.


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Thank you for the kind words! We're glad it's been helpful to you.

Sorry for the confusion with the API. Was the setup documentation not useful?

With Video.js you just use an HTML5 video tag to embed a video.

I'm going to go ahead and close the ticket, but feel free to continue the conversation.

@mmcc mmcc closed this Nov 21, 2012
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