removeData doesn't properly remove the id on Chrome #1858

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chikathreesix commented Feb 11, 2015

After updated to 4.11.4, I saw the error below many times.

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'handlers' of undefined

This is because getData returns null in vjs.on and prior to that, 'removeData' failed to delete the id with delete el[vjs.expando].

  try {
    delete el[vjs.expando];
  } catch(e) {
    if (el.removeAttribute) {
    } else {
      // IE doesn't appear to support removeAttribute on the document element
      el[vjs.expando] = null;

So far this happens only on Chrome(40.0.2214.111) and only when el is object element.
I tested delete syntax itself with object element on Chrome, but it actually failed to delete the property even though it returns true.

So I guess it should be Chrome's bug but I would suggest to make a change to getData to make sure it doesn't return null all the time.

Set empty object to the cache anytime when it is null. Sometimes brow…
…ser fails to delete the id with 'delete el[vjs.expando]'

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heff Feb 11, 2015


Good find, thanks! Interesting bug.


heff commented Feb 11, 2015

Good find, thanks! Interesting bug.

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