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While working on #3296 I saw the Dutch language file was outdated and contained a wrong translation. I updated it to have the new values.

Specific Changes proposed

This adds missing translations that were present in the English file and updates the translation of captions-related strings.

Requirements Checklist

  • Feature implemented / Bug fixed
  • Reviewed by Two Core Contributors
@nickygerritsen nickygerritsen Update Dutch language file
@hartman hartman commented on the diff May 4, 2016
@@ -14,13 +14,24 @@
"Unmute": "Geluid aan",
"Playback Rate": "Weergavesnelheid",
"Subtitles": "Ondertiteling",
- "subtitles off": "Ondertiteling uit",
- "Captions": "Ondertiteling",
- "captions off": "Ondertiteling uit",
+ "subtitles off": "ondertiteling uit",
hartman May 4, 2016 Contributor

Capitalization ?

nickygerritsen May 4, 2016 Contributor

The source texts aren't capitalized either, so I didn't do that for the Dutch ones.

nickygerritsen May 11, 2016 Contributor

I do wonder why the English versions are not capitalized, as IMHO it looks strange in the track menu's.
@videojs/core-committers any idea why this is the case?

hartman May 11, 2016 Contributor

And even if it is intentional, I think that in that particular spot, it would be a stylistic choice, for which there is the text-transform css property.

mister-ben May 11, 2016 Contributor

It's because the source text is the track's kind + ' off' in https://github.com/videojs/video.js/blob/master/src/js/control-bar/text-track-controls/off-text-track-menu-item.js#L23

I don't see a reason to not capitalise the translation if that's preferred. I'd rather capitalise the English too, but that would also require including the en translations which doesn't happen now (en.json is there as a template).

hartman May 11, 2016 Contributor

label = options['kind'].charAt(0).toUpperCase() + options['kind'].slice(1); ?

gkatsev May 11, 2016 Member

I'm chalking it up to a stylistic choice unless everyone except @mmcc prefers the capitalization :P

gkatsev May 11, 2016 Member

Also, the menu has a text-transform css applied to it in the default skin, so, it would all be lower case. Though, that's also easily solved via a text transform. Ultimately, it doesn't matter that much what the translation files say specifically, as long as the keys match what's in the code, a user can set whatever they want via css.

nickygerritsen May 11, 2016 Contributor

So what's the conclusion? With or without capitalization?

gkatsev May 11, 2016 Member

I would just leave it lowercase.

gkatsev commented May 11, 2016


@gkatsev gkatsev added the confirmed label May 11, 2016
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