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@gkatsev gkatsev released this 09 Jul 19:38

6.11.0 (2018-07-09)


  • autoplay: extend autoplay option for greater good (#5209) (e630e26)
  • Add an Audio Description icon to an audio track name in the track menu if it is "main-desc" kind. (#4599) (efcfc84)
  • show mute toggle button if the tech supports muting volume (#5052) (89f6397), closes #4478
  • browser: include iOS Chrome UA pattern when detecting Google Chrome (#5262) (4754c4d)
  • fullscreen-toggle: disable fs button if fullcreen is unavailable (#5296) (c0f0350), closes #5290
  • middleware: make setSource be optional (#5295) (aab48c8)
  • text-track-display: Extend the constructColor function to handle 6 digit hex codes (#5238) (f8e8633)

Bug Fixes

  • browser: TOUCH_ENABLED detection with Win10 (#5286) (4b15d02), closes #3306
  • autoplay throws 'undefined promise' error on some browsers. (#5283) (ab3a9b9)


  • npmignore: don't publish zip file to npm (#5249) (2027762), closes #5248
  • README: use travis 6.x branch badge (ce31e3a)

Performance Improvements