Defective SMb: A minimalist implementation of a client library for SMB using Plain'Ol C
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lib Defective SMb (libDSM) is a SMB protocol client implementation in pure old C, with a lot less features than Samba but with a much simpler, and a more permissive license (currently LGPL + proprietary).

The initial goal of this project is to have a library that can access most SMB shares to read files and that has a license compatible with the iOS/Android/WinRT appstores in order to integrate it into VLC for iOS and VLC for Android.

This library is also licensable under a proprietary license, if LGPL is not good enough for you.

The lib is provided as a static library or as a dynamically linked library. A few useless (yet) utils are also provided, mostly for testing purpose.


Here's a list of the currently supported features:

    • Basic bi-directionnal NETBIOS name resolution
    • Hacky LAN SMB servers discovery (Listing all the smb servers on the LAN, no WINS, etc.)
    • Basic NETBIOS Session transport layer
  • SMB
    • Support only required parts of 'NT LM 0.12' (aka CIFS?) dialect.
    • User based authentication
    • List Shares
    • Browse folders
    • Read file
    • Write file
    • Delete file
    • Delete empty folder
    • Move and rename file/folder
    • Create new folder
    • No copy, lock, RPCs, etc. [Hum... yet]


liBDSM has been tested/reported to work with the following devices/OSes:

  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8/8.1
  • Samba
  • smbX (OSX new smb implementation)
  • QNAP TS-212
  • A cheap NAS whose name i can't remember :)

Feel free to contribute items to this list (or network trace of not working devices)



  • A Unix system with a bash-compatible shell
  • C99 C compiler
  • (GNU) Make
  • Autotools
  • libc with iconv
  • getopt_long
  • GNU tasn1 compiler/support library

The build dependencies can be installed on Debian(-based) systems using

sudo apt-get install build-essential autoconf libtool pkg-config libtasn1-3-dev libtasn1-3-bin libbsd-dev


$> ./bootstrap
$> ./configure --prefix=/your/prefix
$> make
$> make install # maybe


  • HEAVILY refactor. Any help is welcome.
  • Support more of the SMBv2 and v3 protocols.


  • Fork videolabs/libdsm
  • Make a feature branch
  • Commits your work there
  • Make a pull request
  • ...
  • Profit !