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This file describes commands available through the requests/ file:
Lines starting with < describe what the page sends back
Lines starting with > describe what you can send to the page
All parameters need to be URL encoded.
# -> %23
% -> %25
+ -> %2B
space -> +
Deprecation Notice:
The entire interface is moving to using <MRL> for input and output parameters and attributes
pl_play and in_enqueue previously accepted paths. This is still supported, but from 1.3 <MRL> will be required
where path attributes are provided in output, these should be ignored in favour of uri attributes
path support is scheduled to be removed entirely from 1.3
<root> (/)
> Get album art for current input:
/art (NB: not /requests/art)
> Get album art for any playlist input (available from API version 3):
/art?item=123 (NB: not /requests/art)
status.xml or status.json
< Get VLC status information, current item info and meta.
< Get VLC version, and http api version
> add <uri> to playlist and start playback:
the option field is optional, and can have the values:
> add <uri> to playlist:
> add subtitle to currently playing file
> play playlist item <id>. If <id> is omitted, play last active item:
> toggle pause. If current state was 'stop', play item <id>, if no <id> specified, play current item. If no current item, play 1st item in the playlist:
> resume playback if paused, else do nothing
> pause playback, do nothing if already paused
> stop playback:
> jump to next item:
> jump to previous item:
> delete item <id> from playlist:
NOTA BENE: pl_delete is completly UNSUPPORTED
> empty playlist:
> set audio delay
> set subtitle delay
> set playback rate. must be > 0
> set aspect ratio. Must be one of the following values. Any other value will reset aspect ratio to default
Valid aspect ratio values: 1:1 , 4:3 , 5:4 , 16:9 , 16:10 , 221:100 , 235:100 , 239:100
> sort playlist using sort mode <val> and order <id>:
If id=0 then items will be sorted in normal order, if id=1 they will be
sorted in reverse order
A non exhaustive list of sort modes:
0 Id
1 Name
3 Author
5 Random
7 Track number
> toggle random playback:
> toggle loop:
> toggle repeat:
> toggle fullscreen:
> enable services discovery module <val>:
> disable services discovery module <val>:
> set volume level to <val> (can be absolute integer, percent or +/- relative value):
Allowed values are of the form:
+<int>, -<int>, <int> or <int>%
> seek to <val>:
Allowed values are of the form:
[+ or -][<int><H or h>:][<int><M or m or '>:][<int><nothing or S or s or ">]
or [+ or -]<int>%
(value between [ ] are optional, value between < > are mandatory)
1000 -> seek to the 1000th second
+1H:2M -> seek 1 hour and 2 minutes forward
-10% -> seek 10% back
>command=preamp&val=<val in dB>
sets the preamp value, must be >=-20 and <=20
>command=equalizer&band=<band>&val=<gain in dB, must be >=-20 and <=20)
set the gain for a specific band
>command=enableeq&val=<0 or 1>
0 -- disables the equalizer
1 -- enables the equalizer
set the equalizer preset as per the id specified
<Displays the equalizer band gains.
Band 0: 60 Hz, 1: 170 Hz, 2: 310 Hz, 3: 600 Hz, 4: 1 kHz,
5: 3 kHz, 6: 6 kHz, 7: 12 kHz , 8: 14 kHz , 9: 16 kHz
<Display the list of presets available for the equalizer
Commands available from API version 2
> select the title
> select the chapter
> select the audio track (use the number from the stream)
> select the video track (use the number from the stream)
> select the sibtitle track (use the number from the stream)
playlist.xml or playlist.json:
< get the full playlist tree
NB: playlist_jstree.xml is used for the internal web client. It should not be relied upon by external remotes.
It may be removed without notice.
browse.xml or browse.json:
< ?dir=<uri>
> get file list from uri. At the moment, only local file uris are supported
NB: uri is the preferred parameter. Dir is deprecated and may be removed in a future release.
< ?dir=<dir>
> get <dir>'s filelist
< get the full list of VLM elements
< execute VLM command <cmd>
> get the error message from <cmd>
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