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Commit#: TBD
Date: 2019-04-30
Commit#: aa958b5ab250c8a202b24444935255d773608ea6
* Video can (sometimes) continue when there is an error in the video stream.
- This is useful for webcams that are not completely standards compliant.
* Video now works with FFmpeg 4.
- Hopefully also with the infrastructure to make future upgrades easier.
* Default Video quality much higher for mp4 files.
* Add L-cut and J-cut functions to base API.
* Add remove-video and remove-audio filters to base API.
* Add a volume filter.
* More work on live streaming. Some initial testing for windows.
* Updare libvid, seems to work on windows now.
Date: 2018-11-05
Commit#: bc751bcf01f6def50f6d2262b9b9ec9dd679fabd
* Fix bug allowing for transparent picture overlays.
* Fix bug preventing `pict`s from being used in `multitrack`.
* Add highpass/lowpass filters
* Fix color filters when written out to mp4 files
* Fix bug in composite-merge where rgb was separated into different videos.
* Update `live-capture` (internal) data structure to use device indexes as well as strings.
* Enable ffmpeg logging at the racket layer IF the FF_LOG environment variable is set to racket.
* Add locks to fix potential inconsistent state in ffmpeg.
* Add a 'mirror' option to the renderer, to output to multiple places at once.
* Renderer can now split output into two files one for video, and one for audio.
* Preview window works again with live webcams
Date: 2018-09-02
Commit#: 8828d1c287030691cbc12f75fb803265fc3d97bb
* Complete rewrite of compiler (first two passes).
- New compiler creates significantly more stable video programs.
* Can now properly decode wav files
* Remove explicit #:transitions/#:merges keywrods from playlists/filters.
* Fixed bug preventing video from being compiled on systems without ffmpeg.
- (Still requires ffmpeg to run.)
* Improve video player stability.
- Seek bar and counter much more reliable.
- Disable some unstable features, to be enabled for the next release.
* Minimum required version of Racket bumped to 7.0
* Add a --prove flag to raco video to get information about media file.
* When using the video player server, sound stops when the server is out of scope.
* The video-player-server% object is now considerably easier to construct.
* Add #:start/#:end/#:length as special keywords for clip function.
Date: 2018-08-13
Commit#: 3ea58fd2b8d5f0b6d4df793fe5999396c570d5e0
* Improve pause responsiveness
* Add `-m` flag to play media files without a video program
* Fix bug where audio wouldn't play on windows
Date: 2018-06-14
Commit#: 392dc4290336207a2a7d7cb2781a3a371b62110c
* Pause feature no longer additionally stops the video.
* Improved audio/video syncing in live preview.
* Fixed bugs in front half of Video compiler.
* Made 'canvas' an optional parameter
Date: 2018-06-10
Commit#: d65af7c7826210b6ba8c777bc83b2f4c535be2e7
* Update Video to use a version of libvid that does not segfault.
* More precise dependencies in Video's info file.
* If FF_LOG=stdout, then do no redirection of ffmpeg's logging.
* More complete render parameterization.
* Cleaner error messages.
* Fixed bug preventing Video from rendering audio-only files.
Date: 2017-09-20
Commit#: 88b62773d0b444ecf8581c92780b59ed2425b961
* Further documentation improvements.
* Add support for slightly older versions of opengl
* Improve the UI of the video preview tool.
Date: 2017-08-27
Commit#: 12bdbe649bc4b733266e18d6da6df134ef4ebcce
* Documentation Improvements to match the v0.2 API.
* Create stable/testing/unstable(master) branches.
* Fix deadlocks with the player, also solves sever segfaults
* Increased stability of Video (it no longer seems to segfault).
* Add infrastructure to lift ffmpeg logs into Racket logs (require libvid), disabled for this release.
Date: 2017-08-09
Commit#: 263ecfc1538b40539e40961c84ae36d1695d80f9
* Audio works in live preview
* Introduced concept of `merge` for multitrack, replaces transition
* Transitions now only appear in playlists.
* Add CI testing for windows builds
* Add initial opengl bindings for windows. (The Racket ones don't)
* Add legacy opengl support (for opengl v2.1+)
* Remove now deprecated MLT bindings.
Date: 2017-07-30
Commit#: 44ee039ab2785de24c7b957dc9084f1e5d509239
* Fix many bugs related to multitracks and the way it processes transitions
* Fix concurrency bugs with live player.
* Reintroduce most of the unit tests from the v0.1 build.
* Add video/version to track the version more accurately than Racket's info.rkt system.
* Add video-log and ffmpeg-log to print out debug messages. ffmpeg-log not yet hooked up.
Date: 2017-07-18
Commit#: d93040922586b9d29d07236bf727d2f90484cb31
* Fix a few minor bugs preventing Video from running on Windows and Linux. We have now tested it on all three platforms.
* Initial work on live preview. The player has now been updated to show the video in the player window. Additionally Video can now seek video outputs (as well as inputs).
Date: 2017-07-11
Commit#: 0dba5893097faef48b9e45900aefcd13137c27d3
This is an alpha version of Video v0.2. The main update here is dropping MLT as a dependency, and bundling FFmpeg for Windows and Mac builds. As such, Video can be used out of the box on now, without the need to hunt down the more obscure MLT library separately. Linux machines must still download the correct version of FFmpeg themselves. However, this is much easier to do.
Specifically, FFmpeg 3.2 is recommended, but the following specific library versions are also usable:
* libavcodec v57
* libavformat v57
* libavutil v55
* libswscale v4
* libswresample v2
* libavfilter v6
Again, these are included for the mac/windows builds, and are all part of an FFmpeg 3.x installation.
Some notes about why this is still alpha:
* The video preview currently does not work. People needing access to this feature need to use v0.1.1.
* Video has not been thoroughly tested
Once the first one has been addressed we can move to beta, and once both have been addressed we can move to rc.
Date: 2017-06-12
Commit#: ca7db7f85ab7f19f91e1f63907c275fecdc39349
- Compatibility release for MLT. Development has shifted to the v0.2 line.
- Initial support for FFMPEG.
Date: 2017-05-24
Commit#: f83e0b2e45361c9e188ddd4f6a5e4c8be3c2c006
- Actually adds #lang and syntax for video.
- Adds minimal documentation, needs improvement.
- Add video-editor% widget for DrRacket.
- Build a proper rendering interface.
- (No longer need to explicitly call out to MLT)
- Videos are converted to MLT object automatically.
- Added testing framework.
- Added language forms for writing documentation for Video.
- This was the release associated with the ICFP 2017 Paper: Super 8 Languages for Making Movies (DRAFT)
Date: 2016-11-11
Commit#: 39112ec3b7fbc6b611a67cc5f9ac3c988c50f16d
- First release of Video
- Depends on MLT (not included)
- API still very unstable
- No language yet, just video library.
- Must manually convert video object to MLT ones with `convert-to-mlt!`
- Preview player added.
- This was the version used to build the RacketCon 2016 videos.