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Video v0.2, stable release

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@LeifAndersen LeifAndersen released this 02 Sep 23:17

This release marks the first stable release since v0.1.1. It involves a complete rewrite, leaving the MLT for FFmpeg. This makes video significantly more stable and extensible. Video 0.2 requires Racket 7.0 or newer.

Changes since the last release candidate:

  • Complete rewrite of compiler (first two passes).
    • New compiler creates significantly more stable video programs.
  • Can now properly decode wav files
  • Remove explicit #:transitions/#:merges keywrods from playlists/filters.
  • Fixed bug preventing video from being compiled on systems without ffmpeg.
    • (Still requires ffmpeg to run.)
  • Improve video player stability.
    • Seek bar and counter much more reliable.
    • Disable some unstable features, to be enabled for the next release.
  • Minimum required version of Racket bumped to 7.0
  • Add a --prove flag to raco video to get information about media file.
  • When using the video player server, sound stops when the server is out of scope.
  • The video-player-server% object is now considerably easier to construct.
  • Add #:start/#:end/#:length as special keywords for clip function.