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A collection of reverse-engineered REDgammaX LUTs for the public.
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Nuke Scripts

RED Conversion LUTs

A collection of reverse-engineered REDgammaX LUTs for the public.

Want a ZIP file with forward and reverse LUTs?

Download it here.


RED doesn't provide a way to convert post-debayered (DPX, ProRes, etc.) footage from REDlogFilm to the various REDgammaX versions. If your post workflow is not R3D-centric or has VFX shots but you still want to view the footage in REDgammaX spaces, these LUTs should help tremendously. In essence, these LUTs will match very closely to what was viewed on set, assuming you were viewing in a REDgammaX space and have a REDlogFilm post workflow.

Want these LUTs in another format?



The LUTs are very accurate. The normalized mean absolute error of the LUTs as compared to a REDCINE-X debayer of the same gamma space are listed below:

LUT Mean absolute error (floating-point value)
REDlogFilm_to_REDgamma 0.0824788
REDlogFilm_to_REDgamma2 0.0340227
REDlogFilm_to_REDgamma3 0.0177164
REDlogFilm_to_REDgamma4 0.0244737

You can find the images and shell script for the comparison and more details on the accuracy in the Sample_Images folder.


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