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Cam-Recorder-HTML5-Video-Audio : Video/Audio Recorder Camera/Microphone HTML5 - Standalone PHP

Live Demo: Cam/Mic Video/Audio Recorder HTML5 - Standalone PHP

Cam/Mic Video/Audio Recorder HTML5

Before installing, test the simple setup in the live demo: Cam/Mic Recorder HTML5 - Live Demo

This edition implements audio / video recording in an instant recording booth.

Standalone PHP Edition Features: Cam Recorder HTML5

  • Instant recording booth
  • Access recorder with a button
  • List recordings (video, audio)

Video/Audio Recorder HTML5 Features

  • Toggle Audio/Video recording mode
  • Select Microphone, Camera, Resolution
  • Playback recording
  • Discard and start recording again if needed
  • Download recording
  • Send (upload) recording to server
  • 100% web based in all major HTML5 browsers

Installation Instructions

Requirements: Regular web hosting with PHP. Recording does not involve live streaming requirements. This edition does not implement conversions.

  1. Deploy files to your web installation location. (Example: yoursite.domain/cam-recorder-html5-video-audio/)
  2. If you don't have SuPHP, enable write permissions (0777) for folder "uploads", where videos will be uploaded in booth folder.

Compatible Turnkey Hosting with Free Installation

Plain PHP Edition Limitations

  • The plain php edition refers to minimal scripts to showcase recording video and audio.
  • Plain php edition does not involve database and systems to manage members, rooms, billing. These depend on framework you want to integrate, plugins, database, member system.
  • See Turnkey HTML5 Videochat Site edition, available as WordPress plugin with full php source. Includes user role management (performers/clients), pay per minute, integrates billing wallets.

Main Integration Scripts

  • index.php : room booth page with Recorder button, recordings, accessed directly creates a recording booth and shows room link to access later
  • recorder.php : embeds video / audio recorder app
  • app-call.php is called by application to retrieve parameters, interact with web server, update status and chat (ajax calls)
  • app-functions.php functions implementing features for app-call.php , including translated texts, app settings

Scripts also contain comments for clarifications/suggestions.

VideoWhisper HTML5 Project Demos

VideoWhisper HTML5 Project Downloads

For a free consultation, Contact VideoWhisper Technical Support.


Camera / Microphone Recorder πŸ“ΉπŸŽ™ in HTML5: Audio/Video Recording, Download, Send to Server, Instant Recording Booth with Recordings. πŸ’―100% Web Based, 🚫No Flash.







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